George Hood with a PaddleboardPlease Call 760-521-8453 for Pricing and Product Details

Oceanside Paddleboard carries of variety of new and used boards, all moderately priced. Come join us at our unique setting at the calm, quaint waters of the Oceanside Harbor. Test paddle our boards that have revolutionized how boards are made in this industry. The finish and workmanship are superb that they look as well as they perform.

Boards designs come in a variety of graphics, most have three fins, auto release gore-valve and easy to carry handle.

We have the most light weight, high-tech, buoyant boards on the market that out-perform the competition. This allows you the best glide, speed, stability, and maneuverability you can buy. It also enables you to get a smaller board that looks great and paddles better than other boards on the market costing upwards of $500 more.

To ensure your fit with the proper board , sales are by appointment only.

Call us at our beautiful, new harbor store and we will guarantee you an enchanting experience as you try out one of our high quality boards. With our help, we can insure that you are sold the perfect board for your style of paddling. Even for beginner paddlers, we offer a class in paddling on proper form, stance, and the art of paddling.